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Training Division


The Training Division coordinates the training necessary to continue the department’s ability to handle and improve upon the tasks and daily operations in an effective, efficient, and safe manner. This training includes reviewing the basics, exploring new techniques and ideas, and learning to apply these lessons in the field. This is accomplished by classroom sessions and practical hands on application on the training field.

The Lewisville Fire Department far exceeds the continuing education goal of the annual twenty hours required by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection for recertification. The department maintains a minimum of 240 hours of training per person annually required by the Insurance Services Office.

The Training Division thrives in firefighter mastery of hoses, ladders, self-contained breathing apparatus, hands-on training, and firefighter survival/rescue. Personnel train to master these topics to the level of muscle memory, becoming instinctive throughout the firefighter’s career. With these training goals in mind, the department has more than doubled its resource materials. This includes reference books, training curricula, pump simulations, and testing programs. These resources, along with the ability to stream videos and classes to all stations, gives us the ability to maintain continuity of training through the department.

The Lewisville Fire Department’s training facility allows practical application of the curriculum covered in the classroom. The facility has various simulators and props to replicate situations the firefighters will encounter throughout their careers when venturing into the most hazardous of environments. Training at the facility teaches the firefighters how to recognize dangerous conditions and escape procedures and protocols.

Since January 1992, the training facility has been used by approximately forty entities including fire departments, fire academies, police departments, ATF, and various others. The training facility is a Texas A&M Engineering Extension host site, which allows training to be attended by personnel not only from the United States but also from around the globe.

The Training Division also coordinates classes for Lewisville Fire Department and other state-wide personnel, including the annual All Saws class, quarterly dive training, Texas Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System approved wildland classes, and Truck and Engine Operations classes. The pump simulator and driving courses add value to these classes along with the vast array of specialty instructors within the department.


Health and Safety Division 

The Health and Safety Division acts as risk management for the department. The Division works in conjunction with the City’s Risk Management Division toward being proactive in all areas of health and safety for fire service personnel. All injuries and accidents are reviewed to determine cause and future prevention. Safety is stressed whether in the station, during training, or on the incident scene. 

The Lewisville Fire Department’s most valuable asset is our personnel. Their physical and mental fitness to carry out the demands of this profession is a primary concern. Workout equipment is available at each firehouse for fire and police personnel. There are various types of incidents that the department responds to, and there are times when the emotional impact affects a firefighter’s mental process. At these times, the department debriefs the personnel soon after the occurrence and follows up with the Critical Incident Stress Management Team.

All in all, the primary objective of both the Training Division and the Health and Safety Division is to expand our firefighters’ knowledge and safety throughout their career. Our hope is that a member is both physically and mentally healthy when they retire, and that they are capable of fulfilling the challenges and rewards in the next step of life’s journey.

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