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Honor Guard and Pipes & Drums





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After the September 11 attacks, the Lewisville Fire Department, like many departments across the country, felt it was time to organize a “formal” Honor Guard to honor it's own members in the event of a tragedy and pay tribute to the fire profession. Honor Guards are often called upon to perform a variety of functions such as parades, ceremonies, and funerals for fallen fire and emergency personnel.  

It helps to understand the tasks of Honor Guards by breaking down the actual name. Honor is a word that means “special esteem or respect”. Guard simply means “a body of persons who form an escort, or perform drills at ceremonies”. Individually these words have simple meanings, but by joining them together they make a statement. An Honor Guard shows respect and special esteem to a person or event while watching over them.  The Lewisville Fire Department Honor Guard is very active across the state helping with many events from award ceremonies to funerals.

The Lewisville Fire Department Honor Guard is involved with the Texas State LODD (Line of Duty Death) Task Force and the North Texas Honor Guard Association. They maintain one of the LODD Task Force trailers used for Line of Duty Death Ceremonies.  The trailer contains everything needed to organize a firefighter funeral and assist the affected department. 

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The Lewisville Pipes and Drums started with a group of individuals who wanted to bring a piece of the fire service's rich history and tradition to their own department. There are currently 13 members in the band consisting of both pipers and drummers. Captain Damion Roberts serves as the Pipe Major.  

Band members make a commitment to learn the instruments and become proficient at playing as a band.  That commitment first paid off in October 2005 when the band made their debut at the annual fire department awards banquet.  Since then, the Lewisville Pipes and Drums have played countless City functions, parades, and other events throughout the metroplex.

Every year in May the Lewisville Fire Department hosts a symposium called Keeping Tradition Alive.  First responder pipe bands and honor guard members from across the United States gather for two days of professional instruction.  The symposium closes with a public-friendly concert in Old Town Lewisville.

The kilt the band members wear is a tribute to retired Lewisville Captain Butch Flanagan. It is called the Offaly tartan and represents the county in Ireland where the O’Flanagans originated. The colors are black, navy blue, green, and red with a small gold stripe. The uniform is in a traditional military style worn by most pipe and drum bands.