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Battalion Chiefs


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Jerry Wells,

Battalion Chief - A Shift

A Shift

Our fire department is made up of three shifts who all work a 24-on/ 48-off schedule. A Shift is led by the team of Battalion Chief Jerry Wells and Captain Delane Graham. This shift of fire department professionals is made up of individuals with very diverse backgrounds. Our tenure ranges from over 31 years of service to new firefighters who are just beginning their career. These two factors provide for a pool of talent valuable for most every situation or emergency. We think like a team and we respond like a team. We all understand that it takes this diversity to be ready for every emergency that we are called to handle. Feel free to stop by any of our eight fire houses. We expect that you will be made to feel welcome in our "home" away from home.  

Pennington B162

David Pennington,

Battalion Chief - B Shift

B Shift

Welcome to B Shift! B shift is one of the three shifts under our Operations Division. The Lewisville Fire Department consists of three 24-hour shifts comprising A, B, and C Shifts. Each shift is responsible for answering a wide array of emergency incidents, ranging from large structure fires to a basic assistance call for help turning off an over-flowing washing machine. Every member strives to provide the highest level of professionalism as possible no matter what type of incident they may be responding to.

B Shift consists of forty-nine personnel.  Each member holds a Texas Commission of Fire Protection certification as a Basic Fire Fighter. Additionally, every member of B shift is certified by the Texas Department of State Health Services as an Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic. 

The Lewisville Fire Department has eight fire stations strategically placed throughout our City to provide efficient response times. Each station houses daily staffing required for the apparatus assigned to that particular station. Several station houses have five personnel each day, while others have three to seven members each day.  The daily management core includes six Engine Captains, two Truck Captains, one Emergency Medical Services Captain, one Field Incident Technician Captain, and one Battalion Chief.

As you can see, the Operations Division is multi-faceted and there are many responsibilities in a 24-hour period. If you have a question or request, please call our non-emergency line at 972.219.3580. For any emergencies, please dial 9-1-1.


Chris Sweet,

Battalion Chief - C Shift

C Shift

Hi, my name is Chris Sweet and I have the good fortune to be assigned as the Battalion Commander for C Shift. All of us on C Shift are proud to be members of this great Department. We are equally proud to be members of the team that forms C Shift.

A historical review of the fire service would reveal that C Shift has been known as the "misfit shift". However, the personnel assigned to C Shift for the Lewisville Fire Department clearly do not fit in this mold. This group of men and women could best be described as diverse, dedicated, and talented.  It is a group that brings a variety of assets to the team. The very foundation of our team is built on pride, honor, and integrity. You can clearly see these values reflected in our crew each and every day.

There are countless acts of duty that deserve commendation from brother and sister firefighters at the Lewisville Fire Department and around the country. I am certain that my bias as a C Shift leader with the Lewisville Fire Department tends to make me think that I work with the best of them all.