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Citizen's Fire Academy


FireThe Lewisville Fire Department offers the opportunity for residents to get a unique look at the inner workings of the fire department. The Citizen's Fire Academy, or CFA, is a 13-week class put on by the Lewisville Fire Department. The academy is free of charge to Lewisville citizens and is limited to 25 students.

Each week participants will learn about a different aspect of the fire service.  The course begins with the history of the fire service, showing methods that were developed years ago that are still in use today.  Students will learn about the different types of fire apparatus and what each is used for, including specialty equipment for rescue diving. 

The most popular portion of the academy is the vehicle rescue demonstration. Class members are shown the practical application of hydraulic spreaders, cutters, and the multitude of other tools used for vehicle rescues. The sheer force of the tools is somewhat intimidating, but in our experience all class members have been eager to participate.

During the course, participants will also be instructed on CPR techniques, AED usage, and Stop the Bleed training. 

**Due to the COVID-19 disease outbreak, the 2020 Citizen's Fire Academy has been cancelled.**

For additional information email Division Chief Mark Richards or call 972.219.3595.