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Budget and Tax Facts


Lewisville offers high-quality municipal services to its residents and business community, while maintaining a balanced budget, healthy reserve fund, and one of the lowest combined tax rates in North Texas.

Property Tax Rate History2019-20 Property tax rate

  • The City passed a balanced 2019-20 budget and continues to have one of the lowest tax rates in the DFW region at .443301 per $100 assessed valuation





Value of Lewisville City Services2020 City value services

  • The chart to the right illustrates the findings of a study conducted by the City of Carrollton. The annual survey compares cities to determine best value to residents of all city services. The full survey includes property and sales tax, water and sewer bills, drainage, and garbage collection.

  • One note about this study – it was conducted using Lewisville’s Fiscal Year 2018-19 property tax rate of .436086. The new numbers will be calculated later in 2020 using the Fiscal Year 2019-20 property tax rate of .443301.

Property Tax Breakdown2019-20 Property Tax pie chart

  • For the typical Lewisville household, 11.23% of taxes goes to Denton County, 22.10% goes to the City, and 66.67% goes to Lewisville ISD.
  • Based on the 2019-20 property tax rolls, one penny on the City tax rate generates approximately $1,156,000 in tax revenue.



Department Budget Allocations

The average price for a home in Lewisville: $252,361

Based on .443301, the yearly taxes on the average Lewisville home is $1,118.72. Monthly taxes on the average home in Lewisville: $93.23

As previously mentioned, 22.10% of Lewisville resident’s taxes go the City of Lewisville. Based on the overall General Fund budget, the annual taxes paid on an average Lewisville home would be allocated as follows:

Department allocations_twocharts