Timberbrook Project History and Public Engagement


This project area was selected as it had the highest water main break rate in the City of Lewisville. In addition, the generally poor pavement conditions and substandard drainage system made this area a priority for full scale rehabilitation work.
The community and property owners were invited to attend the public meeting regarding the reconstruction of the streets and utilities within a portion of the Timberbrook Neighborhood area. The attendees were briefed on the scope of work, the upcoming construction activities and the estimated timeline. The meeting was held on June 14, 2018 at Lewisville City Hall council chambers. Approximately, 28 properties were represented at this meeting. The city received 11 comment cards from this meeting and one email submission. The comments ranged from concerns about parkway tree and stump removal to maintaining accessible access to DCTA bus and mailbox during construction. These comments received and the City’s responses are included in the “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) section.

Link to Timberbrook Neighborhood Meeting Presentation from June 14, 2018