Timberbook Project Smaller Section

Project Description:

The scope of work for the Timberbrook Neighborhood Improvements Project includes:

  • reconstruct concrete streets (same width as existing)
  • reconstruct sidewalks width may vary from 4’ to 5’due to trees or other obstructions
  • reconstruct barrier free ramps (curb ramps)
  • install new 8” water lines
  • install new 8” sanitary sewer lines
  • increase storm drainage capacity
  • where possible relocate public utilities and drainage from between houses

Project Cost and Funding Sources:

  • The 2015 Bond Program included $71.6 million for Street Projects.  This project was identified as a top priority and included as a sample project.
  • The project is estimated to cost $14.8 Million.

Estimated Completion: Fall 2022


Call 972.219.3510 during non-working hours if an urgent need arises on weekends or overnight.