Public Engagement - Main and Mill Project


A five-day series of workshops was held in May 2009 and included the public and stakeholder groups. During the series of workshops public input was collected. The process was specifically developed to create successful outcomes and deliverable, gain valuable input, and build consensus among the public and stakeholder interest groups. An open house followed at the conclusion of the charrette.

Four property owners meetings were held in the early part of 2016; Jan. 21, Jan. 26, Feb. 23, and Feb. 25. Each meeting included a brief presentation described the projects and identified “national best practices” for streetscape and corridor design standards and improvements. After the presentation, discussion was focused on the issues of the particular stakeholder group.

Two public meetings were held in December 2018; Dec. 6 in regards to Main Street and Dec. 11 in regards to Mill Street.  The contractor for the project was introduced and general construction was discussed.

A Construction Notification Letter was sent out in January 2019 to all business in the construction zone.

Charrette Week Overview
At the charrette, ideas were developed that offered a balance between the needs of all interest groups in order to build consensus. Design concepts were tested against other proposed alternatives for consideration. Concepts for streetscape character were communicated through plans, sections, details, sketches, and elevations. Hand graphics were used for the proposed alternatives and street level character sketches presented the proposed design. All members of the team were involved in the process for quality assurance purposes and to ensure all applicable areas of planning and design were being considered for elements affecting Mill Street. Team members included facilitators, landscape architects, planners, transportation planners, urban designers, environmental graphic designers (wayfinding and signage), and engineers.

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