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Project Description:

The scope of work for the Main Street and Mill Street Improvements project include:

  • sidewalk improvements with 6-8 foot wide sidewalks on both sides of the street
  • on-street bicycle lanes (5-foot wide)
  • 164 total on-street public parking spaces; 97 parking spaces net increase
  • Main Street: 88 total on-street parking spaces; 69 spaces net increase
  • Mill Street: 76 total on-street parking spaces; 28 spaces net increase (public and private)
  • landscaping enhancements including shade trees for pedestrian comfort, ornamental trees, shrubs, groundcover, rain gardens, etc.
  • ornamental street lighting with banner arms along the two corridors
  • street furniture including benches, bike racks, and
  • amenities such as trash receptacles and recycle bins

Project Cost and Funding Sources:

  • $8.53M Estimated total project cost
    • $3M Sustainable Development Block Grant awarded by NCTCOG
    • $5.53M Local Funding (G.O. Bond funds and cash)

Estimated Completion: December 2020


  • Project Inspector, City of Lewisville: Jason Walker 972.219.3703, for day to day construction issues.
  • Chief Inspector, City of Lewisville: Eric Schrack 214.263.7430, for day to day construction issues when the Project Inspector is not available.
  • Project Manager/City Traffic Engineer: Sagar Medisetty 972.219.5027, for project design and traffic issues
  • City Engineer: David Salmon PE 972.219.3491, for design or traffic issues if the Project Manager is not available.
Call 972.219.3510 during non-working hours if an urgent need arises on weekends or overnight.