ColorPalooza Logo Contest


Every year Lewisville students compete to design the logo for ColorPalooza. The winning design becomes the official logo for ColorPalooza for one year, and is used in all promotional items and merchandise.

This competition is open to any Lewisville resident in grades 9-12 at any state-certified public or private school, or any student attending a Lewisville public or private school in grades 9-12. Home-schooled students living in Lewisville are eligible to participate if they meet the grade-level requirements.

Past Winners

Winner Logo

 Susie Bechinger
Sophomore at Hebron High School 

ColorPalooza 2019 logo winner Susi

2019 ColorPalooza logo PRIMARY 

Marlene Rodriguez
Freshman at LHS Harmon

Marlene_Colorpalooza 2018 winner

ColorPalooza logo 2018 

Kaitlyn Kennedy
Senior at The Colony High School

2017 logo winner kaitlyn

Colorpalooza-Logo Small


Sarah Newton
Freshman at Marcus High School



 ColorPalooza logo