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Currently the comment card, communication survey and website survey are unavailable. These items will be available at a later date.

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The City of Lewisville continually strive to improve our services to you our customer. We appreciate all comments and recommendations and the time that you are taking to complete this comment card.

Communication Survey

The Communication Division of the City of Lewisville strives to bring residents the most up-to-date information about City programs and projects, special events and information about City services. This is accomplished through various avenues, but we still miss getting the information to many citizens. Please take a few moments to help us do a better job at bringing you news about your hometown and fill out the survey below. You may complete the document and submit it online or you may print it out and mail it back to the Communication Division, City of Lewisville, P.O. Box 299002 Lewisville, Texas 75029-9002. If you have any questions, please call James Kunke, Communications Manager at 972.219.3726.

You may add additional comments at the end of this survey. Your input is vital to our success in Communications.

Communication Survey

Website Survey

We are always eager to improve our website and the services which we provide to you online. We value your feedback and ideas on how we can do this.

Please take the time to send us your comments, suggestions, compliments or criticisms about this website using the form below. Although we are grateful for completed forms, there is no need to answer every question should you prefer not to.

Website Survey