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City Cable LVTV

LVTV Prime, broadcast on the basic tier of the Spectrum (Ch. 16) and Frontier (Ch. 15) cable systems, features a great lineup of award-winning original programs along with public meetings and timely announcements about city events and operations.

Important Meetings

City Cable LVTV is the place to watch the taped replays of the latest Lewisville City Council, the Planning and Zoning Commission and Denton County Commissioner Court meetings. This is a perfect opportunity to see your elected officials in action without leaving the comforts of home.

Sounds of Lewisville

The annual summer concert series performance are taped lived in Old Town Lewisville and then broadcast year-round for your continued enjoyment. Bands are aired during the week after a scheduled live performance, and are rebroadcast randomly during the rest of the year.

The In-between Stuff

LVTV offers printed information about meetings, events, hours of operation, contact phone numbers and other important information about the City of Lewisville and the organizations that receive financial support with your tax dollars. You'll also see helpful public service announcements about environmental issues, public safety, tourism and social issues.

How to Contact Us

We at LVTV encourage you to share your thoughts and suggestions for programming. Call the Community Relations Division at 972.219.3726, send e-mail to, or write us at City Cable LVTV, P.O. Box 299002, Lewisville, TX 75029-9002.

LVTV is licensed by the FCC and a government-access station, which means information must be produced by or for the local government agency as a means of communicating city services and programs.