For COVID-19 information including the phased reopening plan for the city, local resources, closures, and other related information visit our COVID-19 webpage.

News and Information


Living in the Metroplex makes it difficult to get hometown news on a daily basis, so the City of Lewisville is doing its best to keep you informed through several avenues. 

View the Latest City News page to see what we send to the media, whether it makes it into print or not. The city publicizes projects, programs, achievements, safety tips, ordinances, Council actions, public notices, special events, and much, much more through News Releases.

If you have a computer or mobile device (and since this is a website page, one can only assume you do!), then there are even more ways to stay informed about city happenings. You can have the Horizon Newsletter conveniently delivered to your email in box, arriving about once every two weeks, or you can connect with one of the city's social media pages for quick and easy answers to your questions. Click the links at left for details.

The city also operates two Municipal Access cable channels, LVTV Prime and LVTV Leisure, available on the basic tier of the Time Warner and Verizon FIOS cable systems. LVTV Prime (TW-16, VF-15) broadcasts programs and announcements with basic information about city events and operations, including City Council and other public meetings, while LVTV Leisure (TW-96, VF-16) focuses on the parks and recreation field.

Come back often and find out what’s new in the City of Lewisville.