Ceremonial Requests

The Mayor and City Council welcome the opportunity to recognize residents, special events and programs, businesses and others whose contributions to the community make Lewisville such a great place to live, work and play.


1. All ceremonial requests described below are subject to final approval by the Mayor and/or City Council. The City of Lewisville reserves the right to:

  • edit all ceremonial requests to reflect the City’s vision, mission, and goals; an
  • decline any ceremonial request without further details.
2. All ceremonial requests should have a specific local connection with the City of Lewisville unless the request involves a special significance to the City, region, or state, as determined by the Mayor.

3. In order to accommodate preparation and scheduling, all requests should be made as far in advance as possible, with a minimum of 10 business days prior to the occasion for the ceremonial item.


4. All requests should be made through email to jworster@cityoflewisville.com and pdominguez@cityoflewisville.com.

Types of Ceremonial Requests

  • Proclamations – A proclamation is a formal declaration by the Mayor in honor of a person, group or event. Proclamations will not be issued for business groundbreaking, ribbon-cutting, or grand-opening events. Whenever possible, a sample proclamation or wording should be provided. Proclamations should include no more than (5) five "whereas" statements, and each statement should be no more than 35 words in length. Longer requests maybe be shortened by city staff.  One formal presentation copy will be provided at no charge. Proclamations should be picked up at the City Secretary’s Office, 151 W. Church Street, unless other arrangements have been made. If you would like the proclamation presented by the Mayor or Council at a Council Meeting or an event, please indicate this with your request.
  • Letters – A letter of welcome, greeting, or congratulations will be issued for programs, conferences, conventions, seminars, or other significant events when a proclamation is not appropriate. Whenever possible, a sample letter or wording should be provided. One formal copy will be issued per request. Letters are not eligible for formal presentation by the Mayor or Council.
  • Appearances/Addresses – Appearances and/or addresses by the Mayor or Council must be scheduled through the City Secretary’s Office and coordinated with the Community Relations Office. It is not possible for the City to fulfill all such requests.