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2018 Castle Hills Special Election FAQ

Frequently asked questions concerning the 2018 Castle Hills Special Election scheduled for May 5, 2018.

Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • Why is the city holding this election now?

  • Why does Lewisville have a Fire Control District?

  • Why is the City proposing to add Castle Hills to the Fire Control District boundaries?

  • How much does Castle Hills pay Lewisville for Fire Services?

  • Will this election impact the amount Castle Hills pays to Lewisville for Fire Services?

  • Will this election have any other impact on the Castle Hills contract payment to Lewisville for Fire Services?

  • (ADDED 4/26/18) What assurance do we have that, if approved, sales tax collected for the Fire Control District would be used to pay fire service costs in Castle Hills?

  • Is the projected increase in Fire Services costs in Castle Hills a result of the $6 million construction cost of Fire Station #8?

  • Will this election determine if or when Castle Hills is annexed into Lewisville?

  • Will this election determine whether Fire Station #8 opens as scheduled, or the services it provides?

  • (AMENDED 4/26/18) If this measure passes, will Castle Hills residents have a representative on the Fire Control District board of directors?

  • If this measure passes, how will that impact the sales tax rate at businesses in Castle Hills?

  • Would the Fire Control District sales tax also be applied to my home utility bills and other services?

  • If this measure passes, when would the sales tax increase go into effect?

  • What impact will this election have on Police Services currently received and paid for by Castle Hills?

  • (AMENDED 4/26/18) How can Castle Hills residents get more information about this election measure?

The following questions have been asked of the City (with some language variation), but the City is not allowed to answer them because it could be considered advocating for or against the ballot measure.
Why should Castle Hills residents vote for/against this measure?
What benefit is there for Castle Hills residents to vote for/against this measure?