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2019 Uniform Crime Report for Lewisville released

Post Date:May 05, 2020

Every year, the Lewisville Police Department takes part in the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program. This provides the FBI with up-to-date information on our crime statistics, while giving us an opportunity to evaluate and address any changes in crime types.


Lewisville has a relatively low number of reports among several crime types, so small numerical changes can represent large percentage changes. In 2019, Lewisville saw a slight (5%) increase in its overall crime rate when compared to 2018. Overall, crime has trended up over the past four years.

Part I offenses* in 2019 declined 8.13 percent. Part II offenses** in 2019 rose 12.5 percent.

“I am happy with the reduction in Part I crimes, but I am not satisfied,” said Lewisville Police Chief Kevin Deaver. “The safety of our community is paramount. We see too many firearms in the hands of criminals. We recovered 85 guns in 2018 and 112 in 2019. Getting these guns off our streets and arresting violent offenders will continue to be a major focus of this department.

Some notable crimes are detailed below and show comparisons from 2018 to 2019:


Crime Reduction Strategies

Integrated Camera Utilization Program: In 2020, the police department partnered with Flock Safety to install license plate reading (LPR) cameras in certain areas of Lewisville. The department will launch the Integrated Camera Utilization (ICU) Program this coming summer. The network of LPR cameras will capture all license plates read by the cameras and allow officers to search for specific vehicles and license plates. The department purchased 12 cameras in 2020 and hopes to expand that number in the future. The program will allow neighborhoods and businesses to acquire cameras that can be monitored by the police department. Vehicles are used in more than 70% of all crime that occurs. This program will give officers another avenue to develop. "We are always looking for more innovative ways to reduce crime,” said Chief Deaver. “I am excited about our partnership with Flock Safety and the implementation of the ICU Program.The program will give us a tool that we have not previously had to reduce crime and apprehend the perpetrators involved.”

Nuisance Abatement Program

The police department’s Nuisance Abatement Program (NAP) continues to address those properties where higher than ordinary crimes occur. The program has been a success in reducing nuisance crimes that occur in our hotels and apartment complexes by holding the property owners accountable.

*Part I offenses consist of most violent crimes (including murder, rape and robbery) and some property crimes, such as burglary and motor vehicle theft.
**Part II offenses are mostly non-violent crimes; only arrests are reported for Part II offenses.

Please visit for the complete UCR Crime Report.



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