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Temporary Police Department Operation Changes

effective March 17, 2020
Post Date:March 17, 2020

Updated: Thursday, March 19:


In the interest of protecting the health of our community and staff, we will amend some of our operations. In compliance with the disaster declarations recently signed by Denton County Judge Andy Eads and Mayor Rudy Durham, due to the COVID-19 disease outbreak, the following changes take effect immediately:

  • Officers will continue to respond to calls involving public safety. Public Safety Communications staff will ask standardized health screening questions to determine if there is a risk of disease spread.
  • Anyone reporting a property crime, or a crime that is NOT in progress, will be asked to do so online. Victims can attach pictures documenting the crime.
  • Officers will only respond to crashes that have injuries or road blockage. Reports will only be generated for injury crashes. Officers will assist parties with the exchange of required information.
  • All community meetings and gatherings, including car seat safety inspections, facility tours and Cones with Cops, are cancelled.
  • Fingerprint services are suspended until further notice.
  • The jail lobby at the Steve M. McFadden Jr. Law Enforcement Center, 1187 W. Main Street, will remain open to the public
  • The police department lobby is closed to the public. Individuals can still make open records requests online. Accident report request forms are also available online and can be mailed, along with a check for any fees, to our department.
  • Property and Evidence will only return essential property to the public by appointment only.
  • All offense reports will be filed online or by phone, unless they are in progress and public safety is at risk.

We recognize these changes pose an inconvenience to our community. The coronavirus/COVID-19 disease outbreak continues to evolve, and we must adjust accordingly as part of our dedication and commitment to protecting the public. We believe these measures will help us do our part to minimize any potential disease spread while still allowing officers to serve the community. We invite you to follow our social media pages for any updates regarding our operations. You can also go to the City of Lewisville’s website. Thank you for your understanding and support as we all navigate through these uncertain times together and work as one to keep everyone safe.

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