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Lewisville awarded $500,000 state grant

Grant for Valley Vista Nature Park
Post Date:March 22, 2019
Lewisville has been awarded a $500,000 grant by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Commission to help with the development of the new Valley Vista Nature Park. Lewisville’s project is one of 38 community parks across the state selected for a Local Parks Grant in this year’s funding cycle.

Valley Vista Nature Park will be located on the southeast corner of Valley Parkway and Corporate Drive, across the street from Thrive, the city’s new multigenerational recreation center currently under construction and expected to open during the first half of 2020.

The 23-acre park will include pedestrian trails, nature trails, picnic facilities, benches, bird blinds, an outdoor classroom, playground equipment, interpretive signage, wayfinding signage, and site furnishings. All park amenities will be designed with an emphasis on maintaining the natural landscape and appearance of the Valley Vista site, allowing visitors to interact with and increase their appreciation of the native Texas environment.

Creation of the Valley Vista Nature Park is a major action step of the “Extending the Green” Big Move from the Lewisville 2025 vision plan developed by residents and adopted by the City Council in 2014. For information about the Lewisville 2025 plan, visit

“This grant will give the Lewisville Parks & Recreation Department the opportunity to ‘Extend the Green’ and begin another one of the action steps established in the 2018 Master Plan,” said Parks and Recreation Director Stacie Anaya.

“Valley Vista Nature Park has been designed to complement Thrive and give residents a small taste of the sense of discovery and adventure found at LLELA. We are excited to move this project forward and continue our pursuit of creating a thriving community through nature and play.”

Overall, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission approved more than $16 million in competitive local park grants to help fund projects that will create and enhance outdoor recreational opportunities.

The grants are allocated to local government entities on a 50/50 reimbursement match basis. Once funded, all grant-assisted sites must be dedicated as parkland in perpetuity, properly maintained, and open to the public.

The Local Park Grant Program consists of five individual programs that assist local units of government with the acquisition and development of public recreation areas and facilities throughout Texas. Lewisville received a Non-Urban Outdoor Grant for Valley Vista Nature Park.

Funding for the Local Park Grant Program comes from a portion of the state sales tax on sporting goods through the Texas Recreation and Parks Account and the Texas Large County & Municipality Recreation & Parks Account. Additional funds come from off-shore gas royalties through the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund.