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2018 Uniform Crime Report

The report for 2018 is now available.
Post Date:March 08, 2019
Every year, the Lewisville Police Department takes part in the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program. This provides the FBI with up-to-date information on our crime statistics, while giving us an opportunity to evaluate and address any changes in crime types.

Lewisville has a relatively low number of reports among several crime types, so small numerical changes can represent large percentage changes. In looking at reported offenses for 2018, Lewisville saw a slight (6%) increase in its overall crime rate when compared to 2017. Part I offenses* rose 14.4%, representing 369 more Part I crimes. Almost 90 percent of that increase was 332 more larceny cases in 2017 than in 2018. There was one more murder (up from 3 to 4, or 33.3%) last year. Part II offenses** rose 2.1%. However, several categories declined significantly, including: Impersonation (-53.8%), Identity Theft (-29.3%) and Forgery (-29%).

Part I offenses consist of most violent crimes (including murder, rape and robbery) and some property crimes, such as burglary and motor vehicle theft.

Part II offenses are mostly non-violent crimes; only arrests are reported for Part II offenses.

Message from Chief Deaver

We know these numbers may be concerning to you, and we continue to take steps to reduce crime in our community.

In an effort to curtail crime, I combined the Street Crimes Unit, Gang Enforcement, Narcotics and Investigations under one Investigations Division. People involved in narcotics are often the same ones committing other crimes. We saw the benefit of these officers working together when they were successfully able to arrest a person responsible for several aggravated robberies occurring in East Lewisville. Through our “Thriving Neighborhood” program, which is part of the Lewisville 2025 vision plan, we added officers to high-crime areas in an effort to suppress crime. With the assistance of Texas Department of Public Safety and Denton County Sheriff personnel, these officers arrested 47 people for various crimes and took 12 guns off our streets during a three-week period last month. The department will continue to deploy resources in specific areas to target criminal behavior.

Link to the complete UCR Crime Report