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Living in the Metroplex makes it difficult to get hometown news on a daily basis, so the City of Lewisville is doing its best to keep you informed through several avenues.

This page will allow you to see what we send to the media, whether it makes it into print or not. The city publicizes projects, programs, achievements, safety tips, ordinances, Council actions, public notices, special events, and much, much more through News Releases.

The city also operates two Municipal Access cable channels, LVTV Prime and LVTV Leisure, available on the basic tier of the Time Warner and Verizon VFIOS cable systems. LVTV Prime (TW-16, VF-15) broadcasts programs and announcements with basic information about city events and operations, while LVTV Leisure (TW-96, VF-16) focuses on the parks and recreation field.

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Teen Art Workshops

Next teen workshop class March 11.
Post Date:February 11, 2019

Designed specifically for teens ages 13-17, Teen Art Workshops will introduce participants to working artists who will share various processes and techniques for making art in a hands-on way. Participants will take home a project from each workshop. Workshops will be held the second Monday of each month at the Medical City Lewisville Grand Theater. Workshops begin at 6 p.m. and are 90 minutes in length unless otherwise noted.


When registering search for the Activity Registration # listed below or search by location (MCL Grand). A $1.50 convenience fee will be charged for online registration.

19.03.11 Teen Art Workshop 1- CalliNissen_Curlew_printmaking (1)

Printmaking with Calli Nissen
March 11

Cost: $20/person
Activity Registration # 100003-AT

This workshop will introduce students to the printmaking relief process. Students will carve into linoleum blocks to create an image. The block can then be inked up and pressed into paper. This process can be repeated over and over allowing the students to create multiple prints.

Calli Nissen is a printmaking artist who focuses in woodcut relief. Her work takes a calm, realistic look at the area she was raised in, and has strong memories of, The Northern Rocky Mountain West. She is interested in human’s relationship to the land, and the plants and animals that inhabit it. She received her BFA from the University of Wyoming, focusing in Printmaking, and Ceramics. She is currently an MFA candidate at the University of Dallas.


Acrylic Pouring with artist Sue Ferraro and Studio Art House
April 8

Cost: $30/person (This workshop will be 2 hours in length.)
Activity: 100004-AT

Learn the technique of pouring with acrylic paint to create landscapes, abstracts and animals. Workshop participants will learn to use the elements and principles of design to create full, functional and stylish compositions. Each participant will complete pours on 4 different canvases.

After many years of working in traditional acrylic painting and mixed media, Susan (Sue) Passarelli Ferraro switched methods of painting and has been working to perfect the art of “Pouring”. This technique involves creating paintings using a more fluid form of acrylic paints which are poured rather than brushed onto a painting surface. Sue has several series of pours and other paintings which have been on view at local galleries.

Studio Art House was established in 2000 by a family of artists. First located in Flower Mound, Studio Art House has expanded to meet the growing needs of artists of all ages in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, opening additional locations in Southlake and Highland Village.