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Traffic Lights Upgrade

Ten traffic lights in the City of Lewisville are currently being upgraded.
Post Date:June 27, 2018
The vehicle sensor equipment at ten (10) traffic lights in the City of Lewisville is currently being upgraded. These locations are listed below. For this changeover process, the existing older vehicle sensor equipment (metal detectors buried under the pavement) need to be disconnected, new wire needs to be pulled through and the newer vehicle detection equipment (video cameras) will then need to be installed. This work will last about 4 - 6 weeks depending on the weather conditions. So, the following 10 traffic signals will not have any vehicle sensors while the work is ongoing. As a result, at these traffic lights, it would seem that the lights are malfunctioning. But they are not malfunctioning. Each signal indication will be running its maximum allotted time until the new equipment is installed in the next 4 - 6 weeks.

1 - Corporate Dr at Southwest Pkwy
2 - Corporate Dr at Lakepointe
3 - Corporate Dr at Uecker
4 - Corporate Dr at Valley Pkwy
5 - Edmonds at Purnell
6 - Fox Ave at Valley Pkwy
7 - Fox Ave at Old Orchard Lane
8 - Main St at Cowan Ave
9 - Valley Pkwy at Old Orchard Lane
10-Vista Ridge Mall Drive at Lake Vista

Pardon the inconvenience until these necessary upgrades are completed. For additional information or questions contact Sagar Medisetty, PE, PTOE, Traffic Engineer, 972.219.5027