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Deadline: Main & Mill Public Art project

Post Date:June 22, 2018
The City of Lewisville now accepting applications from artists who want to work on a public art project as part of the Main & Mill Corridor beautification and enhancement project.

The City is interested in commissioning an artist or group of artists to enhance the corridor project by celebrating the historic relevance of Old Town Lewisville and its significance to Lewisville. The intent of this art project is to create a unique and inspiring work of art for those who visit historic Old Town Lewisville.

Lewisville’s Arts Advisory Board has been assigned by City Council to oversee this project and will serve as the artist selection panel.

The art project will consist of four uniquely designed benches, of a material and concept determined by the artist and approved by the Arts Advisory Board. These benches will replace three black decorative benches currently in the corridor plan and add a fourth bench.

It is the desire of the Arts Advisory Board that the four benches be used to tell a single coherent story related to the history and development of Old Town Lewisville. This could be an actual story from the city’s history, or can describe key elements of Lewisville history.

All four art benches will be placed on Main Street east of Mill Street, three on the south side and one on the north side. All four benches will face away from the street toward a standard 6-foot concrete sidewalk.

Applications must be submitted through the site by June 29, 2018. Applicants will need to submit eight digital images, a résumé, and a statement of interest no longer than 2,000 characters. Applicants may apply as a single artist or multi-person collaborative group. In the case of teams, please submit a single résumé for the whole team with 1-2 pages per team member.

A selection panel will choose up to six semifinalists for telephone or online interview. Semifinalists will receive more specific information regarding the project site to help them prepare an art project proposal. From the interview, an artist or artist team will be selected for this commission and recommended to Lewisville City Council for approval. The selected artist or artist team for the commission will collaborate with the Arts Advisory Board and City staff on final design and placement.

This project is open internationally to all artists, regardless of race, color, creed, gender, gender variance, national origin, age, religion, marital status, political opinion or affiliation, or mental or physical handicap. Artists working in any media are eligible to apply. Artists are not required to have previous experience in public art. Emerging artists are welcome to apply for this commission.

For complete rules and requirements, and to read the full scope and parameters of this project, please visit