The 2018-19 budget season is in full swing and city staff would like to know how you would balance the budget.  Check out the Balancing Act online budgeting simulation tool to allocate funds with the goal of obtaining a balanced budget. The tool will be available through August 8 and the results will be presented at the Annual Budget Workshop on Saturday, Aug. 11.

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Living in the Metroplex makes it difficult to get hometown news on a daily basis, so the City of Lewisville is doing its best to keep you informed through several avenues.

This page will allow you to see what we send to the media, whether it makes it into print or not. The city publicizes projects, programs, achievements, safety tips, ordinances, Council actions, public notices, special events, and much, much more through News Releases.

The city also operates two Municipal Access cable channels, LVTV Prime and LVTV Leisure, available on the basic tier of the Time Warner and Verizon VFIOS cable systems. LVTV Prime (TW-16, VF-15) broadcasts programs and announcements with basic information about city events and operations, while LVTV Leisure (TW-96, VF-16) focuses on the parks and recreation field.

Come back often and find out what’s new in the City of Lewisville.

LLELA Activities

Post Date:July 13, 2018

There’s no better place than Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area to hike, go fishing, ponder the starry sky, enjoy a bird walk, visit a historic home site, or just find a quiet place to relax. LLELA is open daily for fishing, hiking, camping, bird-watching, kayaking/canoeing, picnicking and other outdoor activities.

The gate entrance is at 201 E. Jones Street. Admission is $5 per vehicle (cash or check). Annual passes also are available. For more information or to register for special events, call 972.219.3550.

Kayak Tour
Sunday, July 15, 9-11 a.m.
Sunday, August 26, 9-11 a.m.
Drift under willows, float past reeds and cattails, and see what wildlife we encounter on the McWhorter Creek at LLELA. The creek is a haven for wildlife, including turtles, frogs, fish and many other species. All skill levels are welcome and all equipment is provided. LLELA instructors will give an intro to kayaking and water safety basics. Ages 7 and up. $20 per person. Registration is required by 11 a.m. Friday, July 13, at In addition to the class fee, there is a $5 per vehicle entry fee payable upon arrival by cash or check only.

Bugs in a Blanket
Friday, July 21, 8-10 p.m.
Check out this new program that will shine some light on our six-legged friends of the night. We will meet at the Blackjack Trail and set up a light station to attract and examine insects common to LLELA. There will be a short hike along the Blackjack trail to examine insects in their natural habitat as well. Just $5 per person. Registration closes at 11 a.m. on Friday, July 20. Visit for more details and to reserve your space.

Kids’ Wilderness Survival Camp
July 23-27, 9 a.m.-noon daily

Join us for a week-long outdoor survival adventure day camp led by Primitive Texas! Build shelters, find edible wild plants, make fire without matches, blend into your surroundings with camouflage, and much more. $140/child. Contact 972.219.3550 to register. Complete details at: