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LHS Freshman designs new logo for Lewisville ColorPalooza

Post Date:February 06, 2018

Marlene_Colorpalooza 2018 winner 

A freshman from the LHS Harmon Campus has created this year’s winning logo for the ColorPalooza: A Celebration of Spring festival. This marks the second time in three years that a freshman has designed the winning logo.

Marlene Rodriguez’s logo was unveiled this evening at the City Council meeting. It features a person painting a flower, with multi-color block type letters for the ColorPalooza name.

“I entered this contest because I wanted to challenge myself,” Rodriguez said. “I also wanted to contribute my ideas and express my perspective with this design.”

Rodriguez says the concept of her design was to bring together the two main elements of ColorPalooza; art and Spring. The person holding the paint brush is filling up the flower, symbolizing connection of art and beauty. The blooming flower in the center demonstrates the initiation of Spring.

ColorPalooza: A Celebration of Spring will be held on Saturday, April 14, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., in and around Wayne Ferguson Plaza, 150 W. Church Street. This family-friendly event features a wide variety of exhibits and interactive events with a “spring feel.” Visitors will get to show off their artistic abilities, watch skilled artists create one-of-a kind masterpieces, learn to better care for the earth, and learn how to make their homes more environmentally friendly.

The 14-year-old, who enjoys drawing and painting, says she is excited to see her logo on signs and merchandise at ColorPalooza.

“To have my design chosen is unbelievable,” Rodriguez said. “Knowing that it will be shown on t-shirts and other items is surreal to me. I feel excited and grateful to have my design displayed to my community.”

Rodriguez has lofty goals and is bolstered by her winning logo. She says she hopes to do the unimaginable, conquer several barriers, and escalate to the journey she desires. In her mind, people don’t truly know what they’re capable of until they water their flower of motivation.

Attendees at ColorPalooza will be entertained by various cultural music and dance groups. Admission to the festival will be free, although some activities might carry a nominal charge.

For a complete list of musical acts, and a schedule of events for this year’s festival, please visit