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Living in the Metroplex makes it difficult to get hometown news on a daily basis, so the City of Lewisville is doing its best to keep you informed through several avenues.

This page will allow you to see what we send to the media, whether it makes it into print or not. The city publicizes projects, programs, achievements, safety tips, ordinances, Council actions, public notices, special events, and much, much more through News Releases.

The city also operates two Municipal Access cable channels, LVTV Prime and LVTV Leisure, available on the basic tier of the Time Warner and Verizon VFIOS cable systems. LVTV Prime (TW-16, VF-15) broadcasts programs and announcements with basic information about city events and operations, while LVTV Leisure (TW-96, VF-16) focuses on the parks and recreation field.

Come back often and find out what’s new in the City of Lewisville.

Online interactive Building Permit kiosk

Looking to make additions to their house or property? Check out the interactive kiosk.
Post Date:December 22, 2017
Lewisville residents looking to make additions to their house or property now have an interactive website to inform them of all required steps and permits.

The Building Inspection Division launched the Building Permits kiosk site earlier this week. It features a numbered diagram for many popular home construction upgrades. Users simply click on the numbered location of their desired project, and they will be taken directly to a site specifically for that project. That site includes all general information requirements for the project, directions on applying for a plan review, notices about inspections, and an application for any fees. In some cases, the site also includes a waiver request.

A building permit is required for all new construction, remodeling, changes, or additions to structures including include signs, fences, retaining walls, swimming pools, patio covers, home rewiring, electrical or mechanical work, and plumbing.

A recently passed ordinance now requires all contractors to register with the City of Lewisville before beginning any work. The City previously had a similar ordinance on the books, but over the years with various amendments to building codes, those registration requirements were eliminated.

Having contractors register with the City allows for the tracking of basic contractor information and enables the City to hold contractors responsible in the performance of their work. This includes obtaining required permits and inspections, and following all requirements of an issued permit.