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City selects artist to create public art piece for new Multigenerational Center

Post Date:June 16, 2017
The Lewisville City Council has hired artist Andrew Dufford, of Chevo Studios in Colorado, to create and install the first piece of public art in the new Multigenerational Center.

A five-member selection panel evaluated more than 140 submissions from artists in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Asia, and Europe. They narrowed the selection down to three, before unanimously choosing Dufford.

“I am inspired by the multigenerational vision for the new center,” Dufford said. “I think the updated facility is going to be a great place for people to connect, meet their neighbors, form new friendships, and share perspectives, wisdom, and fun.”

In November 2015, Lewisville residents approved a bond for construction of a new multigenerational recreation center which included $243,000 for a permanent public art installation. A small portion of the overall project budget was used during the selection process. The remaining $230,000 will be dedicated solely to Dufford’s work. Photos of some of Dufford’s, and Chevo Studios’, past projects can be found online at

“Dufford’s work tends to reflect powerful, timeless themes regarding the vital relationship between mankind and the environment,” said selection panel member Jim Wear. “Woven into each artwork is a fabric-like blend of science, passion and creative energy. He makes places, not just mere objects.”

The selection panel noted Dufford’s history working with a variety of media, including stone and metal sculpture and earthworks; his ability to integrate a project into the design of a public facility, including recreation centers and fire stations; and his success using public art projects to tell a community’s story in an engaging and aesthetically pleasing way. Dufford said his favorite material to work with is stone. He said he was drawn to working with stone after traveling in Europe.

“The new center is going to have a combination of indoor and outdoor spaces,” Dufford said. “I’d like to use my talents to integrate some of the story of the Lewisville community in spaces, forms, and surfaces of the architecture.”

Construction of the new Multigenerational Recreation Center is expected to begin in May 2018. Dufford will work closely with the building design team, with the first meeting tentatively scheduled for mid-July. The new facility is expected to be completed in December 2019.