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New Parks and Recreation Director hired

Post Date:May 04, 2017

Stacie Anaya 

Lewisville City Manager Donna Barron announced this week that Stacie Anaya has been hired as the city’s new Parks and Recreation Director. Anaya succeeds Bob Monaghan, who recently retired after 38 years of service to the City of Lewisville.

Anaya has worked in multiple Texas cities and comes to Lewisville from Corpus Christi, where she has spent 10 years and currently is the Assistant Director of the Parks and Recreation Department.

“I am impressed with the City of Lewisville because there is already a wholesale community buy-in for embracing and protecting the environment,” Anaya said.

She has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in History from Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University) in San Marcos. Prior to working in Corpus Christi, Anaya served as the Parks and Recreation Director for the City of Eagle Pass, and as a Financial Analyst/Consultant for the Austin Parks and Recreation Department.

“I hope to bring a passion for the value of parks and recreation that mirrors the commitment Lewisville has made to improving the places and programs its residents and visitors use to play and connect with nature,” said Anaya.

Anaya has been a member of the Texas Recreation and Park Society since 1999, and currently is the President-Elect. She also is a member of the National Recreation and Park Association and is a Certified Parks and Recreation Executive. In 2014, while serving as the Assistant Director for Parks and Recreation in Corpus Christi, Anaya’s department received the Texas Recreation and Park Society Gold Medal Award for being the best managed park system in the state. That same year, she was named one of Corpus Christi’s “40 Under 40”.

“We had a very strong applicant pool for this position. Many of the applicants read and talked about the Lewisville 2025 vision plan and the city’s strong commitment to the Green Centerpiece and Extending the Green priorities set forth in the plan,” said Donna Barron, Lewisville City Manager. “By hiring Stacie, we are bringing in someone who is a statewide leader in parks and recreation, and who is at the forefront when it comes to serving residents in an efficient and creative way.”

In 2016, Anaya’s department in Corpus Christi earned two statewide awards for promoting wildlife appreciation at the Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve and art appreciation through the city’s public art program.

Staff members earned the Lone Star Programming Award from the Texas Recreation and Park Society for creating the iNaturalist Teacher Workshops and Wetland Workshops at the Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve. These programs promote nature exploration and encourage people to learn about wildlife by cataloging species at the Preserve and then being able to recognize and identify similar birds and animals around their own homes.

The Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation Department also received the Texas Arts & Humanities Programming award from the Texas Recreation and Park Society for its Public Art Collection Book program and the ISpy Public Art Tour. The books featured more than 70 structures throughout Corpus Christi. The books were given to residents and visitors at various locations and events, and were considered instrumental in spreading the word about the city’s public art program.

Anaya says she’s up to this new challenge and looks to become a trusted leader and supportive member of the Parks and Recreation Department team and building upon the guidelines set out by the Lewisville 2025 vision plan.

"The 2025 plan is a dynamic document that serves as evidence of the community’s willingness to invest in the people who call Lewisville home and the spaces that make it an incredible place to visit,” said Anaya.

Anaya will start her new job with the City of Lewisville later this month.