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Russian Children Theater - "Red Haired, Honest in Love"


This children’s musical performance is based on the book by the Swedish writer Jan Olof Ekholm, "Tutta Carlson First and only, Ludwig the Fourteenth, etc."

In the fox family lives a small fox Ludwig, the fourteenth in the genus Larsson. The youngest in the family, he feeds the organic aversion to lies, cunning and tricks, which are taught by the beast in the forest school, but he loves poetry and even tries to compose songs. Unable to withstand lies, Ludwig leaves school, and then runs away from home. Accidentally, he comes to human habitation, where he finds new friends: the writer of the poems Maximilian and the charming Tutta Carlson, who lives in the henhouse.

Tutta and Ludwig become inseparable friends, the nobility and honesty of the fox rescues the chicken coop from the raid of the fox family, and Tutta's trick allows deceiving the hunters who raided the fox. And to prevent this amazing friendship between the fox and the chicken, neither the eternal feuds of foxes and chickens, nor the ferocious dog can.

This musical will be performed in Russian for ages 2 and up. Tickets are $20 per person and can be purchased online.

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