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Jr Ghost Hunter Camp

Come on our this summer to see if you have what it takes to be a true Junior Ghost Hunter! Each Jr Ghost Hunter will learn the basic techniques and tools of Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigation. Jr Hunters will be given a history lesson of Old Town Lewisville, create tools of the trade making their own dowsing rods, pendulums and learn the proper techniques in handling them! Our Jr Hunters will also receive hands on experience with other high tech equipment of the trade such as ghost monitors, EMF detectors and the use of their own phone to detect orbs, take paranormal photos and more!

After completing the camp, each Jr Ghost Hunter is invited to use their new knowledge on a real ghost adventure of Old Town Lewisville. Parents will join the fun with each student on a private ghost tour Friday evening!

Cost: $82.50 per student for residents, $84.50 per student for non-residents. Class is for children ages 11-18.

** Camp fee includes - Jr Ghost Hunter Camp, Ghost hunting materials, Ghost Hunters Book and Campers Admission Plus One ( parent's) Admission to the Friday Night Ghost Tour**

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Registration codes: 224500-AH (July 10-13), 224500-BH (July 24-27) and 224500-CH (August 7-10)

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